SMR: Unilab Ideas Positive

Contact Information: Barry Barrientos

Unilab-Ideas Positive Project Lead


Manila- 02 October 2010- Ideas Positive: The Unilab Youth Camp for Change concluded with the much awaited presentation of social marketing plans prepared by university students who made it to the top 5. The main goal of their plans is to promote and advance health and wellness in the community level. The top 5 plans were presented to a panel of judges composed of Dr. Oscar Tinio, UP Manila CPH Dean Dr. Nina Gloriani, ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation president Dr. Ed Morato Jr., Hapinoy’s Mark Ruiz, Ogilvy & Mather’s head of country Randy Aquino, and UNILAB’s Corporate Affairs Director Bert Manlapit. The plans were greatly examined, deep critiques were raised, and beneficial  recommendations were given.

Contestants and their social marketing plans are as follows:

  • UP Diliman’s The PET Society: “Adopt-a-PET”
  • DLSU Dasmariñas’s SERVE: “Ugnayan ng Nagkakaisang Inisyatibo, Layunin at Adbokasiyang  Pangkalusugan Barangay Sta. Mercedes, Maragondon, Cavite”
  • UP Diliman’s UB and G: “May Papel Ako”
  • UA & P’s Team BIGGKAS: “Buklod Bukid Sowing Nutrition Reaping Hope”
  • UST’s CLPH: “Mamamayang Ayaw sa Dengue”

UA & P’s Team BIGGKAS with their “Buklod Bukid Sowing Nutrition Reaping Hope bagged the grand prize. They were given 100,00o pesos for the implementation of their plan. Medals, trophies, and Trip to Boracay were also given to the grand prize winner while medals, trophies, iPod shuffle, and 50,000 pesos were given to the runners-up.


“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” -Alberto Manlapit, Unilab Corporate Affairs Director

“May you gain not only ideas positive but nuggets of wisdom, not only competitors but friends, not only experience but memories you will treasure.” – Barry Barrientos, Unilab- Ideas Positive, Project Lead


Photo Credits: Unilab Ideas Positive website


UNILAB is the country’s largest and leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company with over 300 over-the-counter, prescription, and personal care brands

For more information, visit Unilab’s website at

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Blogging and I

What have I learned in this blogging experience?

1) It is not easy to think of a topic.

It may look like there’s a vast range of ideas where you can focus your blog on but the problem lies on your limited knowledge of that subject. It is hard to blog on a topic where you have little interest to. It’s the reason why most of my posts focuses on Facebook; Because it’s the topic I’m most interested and exposed to.

2) Blogging is a challenge.

Why? It is not easy to maintain a blog. You would have to allot time for each and every blog entry. Plus, writing itself is a challenge. That is why I admire those people who regularly updates their blog sites.

3) Blogging is interaction.

Blogging is also one way of connecting with your friends. Because of this, you are able to read and comment to the what-have-yous of your fellow bloggers. It connects people of the same interest. It builds communities. It develops friendship.

4) Blogging is powerful.

Having your own site provides you with the freedom to express what you want to say. Be it positive or negative, it gives you the voice to inform or even persuade your audiences over the things you talk about in your blog.

5) Blogging is fun.

Need I say more?

Blogging has been a wonderful experience. It is something I enjoy to an extent. If it weren’t for this requirement, I wouldn’t have the motive to put up my personal blog. So… Happy blogging everyone! 🙂


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If you can’t beat them, join them

Myspace was founded 2003. By June 2010, it has around 66 million users.

Facebook was founded 2004.  By July 2010, it has around 500 million active users.

These two had been rivals ever since they have started to dominate the virtual community. However just recently, MySpace lauched a new feature called the Sync for Facebook. This newly added twist allows myspace users to update their facebook statuses via myspace itself. Users can also share links, photos, videos, music and applications from Myspace to Facebook.

sample post from

According to Jen Ruffner, director of product management for stream of myspace, they are now planning on a two way sync between the two social networks in the future. Critics say that Myspace do away with centering on music  and now focuses on providing content versus social networking capabilities.

With this development, I can see that MySpace no longer consider Facebook as a competitor. Question is, will this move boost MySpace population?


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Blame microblogging

This blog was on hiatus because of Microblogging.

Microblogging is a web service that allows the subscriber to broadcast short messages to other subscribers of the service. Usually, posts would just cover about 140-160 characters. It lets you share the latest news, interesting photos, videos, or links, and whatever it is going on in just one click. There are a lot of microblogging platforms available online but most people use twitter, plurk, and tumblr.

To better understand microblogging, watch this:

On a research done by Carol Skyring, she said that people microblog because of the following:

  • The people in my network form a type of human RSS by sharing ideas and resources that are useful – saving me time and exposing me to resources that I would otherwise not have found.
  • I can learn directly from the experts I follow – I don’t have to wait until they write an article or a book.
  • I can harness the collective intelligence of the people in my network to give a variety of solutions to a problem I might have.
  • I use microblogging in place of a search engine – I send out queries to my network and within minutes I get answers.
  • It’s a quick and easy way to stay in touch with interstate and overseas colleagues.
  • I can gain profile for myself by sharing ideas and resources that are valuable to others

Microblogging is in because it’s short, fast, and engaging. Most people use it because they really don’t have to say too much unlike in blogs. They just have the option to explain only when they are asked. It is beneficial for those people who do not really talk that much.

So… I guess, I’ll just see you in Twitter? 🙂


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Mommy, Daddy, can we just talk over facebook?

When I got home one evening, this was the scene in our living room:

  • one of my brother is tinkering his ipod
  • my cousin was sitting right next to him with his laptop
  • my other brother was at the other end of the room playing online games
  • my two nieces: aged 7 and 5 were using two more laptops on the table

All of them are online.

What struck me most with that scene is the fact that my two nieces, at a young age, are now into social networking too. If I remember it right, I was in 6th grade when I first went online. I now see how this generation is so different from ours. During free time, my nieces would ask me if they can log in to their facebook accounts. I would just usually say yes to them, set up laptops near me so that I can monitor what they do online.

Here’s what usually happens:

  • they log in to facebook and play games (pet society, nightclub city, country story)
  • go to youtube and type in videos of their favorite cartoons (my 5 year old niece could go half a day just doing this)
  • go to to play

I somehow find it alarming that they were exposed to these things at an early age but then I realized isn’t that what’s going to happen anyway? On a UK study, they found out that quarter of the children (ages 8-12) in the UK have Facebook profiles and that many of them are under Facebook’s age limit of 13. These kids lie about their age so they could get into the social networking site. I believe that this number is quite similar to the status quo here in the Philippines.

We cannot stop this phenomena from happening. Sooner or later, we it’ll come. I believe that the best we could do is to guide, monitor, and regulate.

Social networking sites are a great place for children to keep in touch with friends who have moved away, family members, or friends at school. However, like many things in life, without moderation social networking can be downright dangerous. -Kate Bouwens


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If I ask you to quit, will you?

Few months ago, I was dared to deactivate my facebook account. My friend and I realized that we are getting too much addicted that it’s time for us to lie-low. After all the inhibitions and second thoughts, we deactivated each other’s facebook account. Yes, we don’t even had the guts to deactivate it on our own. With that, my facebook was down for two weeks.

I remember that dare because as I browse the internet for blog topics, I saw this article that says “Will You Quit Facebook Today?”  Apparently, last June, there was a revolt going on against Facebook’s privacy settings that a lot of users decided to quit facebook on a certain day. It was said that despite this major problem, only 27,000 of almost 400 million users committed to quit the Social Networking Site. Other issues raised were:

Honestly, I don’t understand the addicting quality Facebook have. There are even people who says “Facebook is my life.”

I believe this just shows that privacy is not that big issue for some after all. Just look how many of us still use Facebook now.

Whenever we talk about addiction, this video comes to my mind:

Hey, are you addicted too? Let me hear your thoughts. 🙂


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Who’s in for Hulu?

Do you love movies? How about TV series? Are you tired of the part by part movies they show on youtube? Does your laptop’s memory capacity is giving up from all the torrents you have downloaded? Then, why don’t you try hulu?

Hulu is an online video service that offers a selection of hit shows, clips, movies, and more at and numerous destination sites online and across four screens — PCs, TVs, mobile phones and tablets. Hulu’s selection of premium programming is provided by more than 225 leading content companies, including FOX, NBC Universal, ABC, Lionsgate, MGM, National Geographic, Paramount, A&E Television Networks, PBS, and Warner Bros. Television Group. [from hulu’s website]

A year ago, Hulu transformed from a simple hosting/streaming site into a semi-social networking site by adding a new feature called the Hulu friends. What they did was to integrate social networking tools to the site’s expansive video content.

Because of this new feature, you can now add friends through your Gmail, or Yahoo Mail accounts. You can also integrate your hulu profile to your other social networking profile such as Facebook and Myspace. In addition to that, you can now share videos and comments to your friends. Also, you are given a feed where you can track what you’re friends have been watching.

Know more about Hulu friends by watching this:

Let your online life not be limited by facebook, twitter, tumblr, or myspace.

TRY  Hulu now!


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